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Immunity-boosting Low Carb Dessert Recipe

Need an immunity-boosting low carb dessert recipe to fight this upcoming cold season?

I can’t believe that this year has flown by so quickly and it’s now November. With LA’s fluctuating temperature changes, it can feel like fall during the morning, summer during mid-day, and winter during the late evenings. Because of the rapid weather changes, it’s so easy to get sick. One way to boost our immunity systems is to add the Algenist’s Irish Moss supplement to our meals. Here’s what it contains and why it’s helpful for us:

Red Marine Algae & Irish Moss – fight the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body

Vitamin C & E – supports your body’s immune system

Blogger holding Algenist's Irish Moss supplement bottle.

This is the immunity-boosting supplement by Algenist.

For an easy dessert recipe, try my immunity-boosting low carb meringue. Check out the recipe below:


3 egg whites

1 tsp of cream of tartar

1/8 cup of Algenist’s Irish Moss

1/2 cup of monk fruit sugar


  1. Preheat the oven to 200F
  2. Place egg whites and cream of tartar into a clean mixing bowl
  3. Whip these ingredients together with a mixer (medium speed) until it’s white and begins to form soft peaks.
  4. Slowly add monk fruit sugar (1/4 tsp at a time) into the same bowl while the mixer is on. Whip until the meringue until it is glossy and has stiff peaks.
  5. Carefully sprinkle Algenist’s Irish Moss supplement into the bowl and fold in all the ingredients with a spatula.
  6. Transfer the meringue into a clean cake decorating pouch with a metal tip and create circular treats (approx. 3” in diameter and 2” in height) by squeezing the bag; you can make smaller meringues if you’d like.
  7. Bake in the oven at 200F for 2 hours (do not let it turn brown). I suggest waiting a few hours before serving it so it will be crispy and airy.
  8. Enjoy! Serving size for 4.

If you want to try this recipe, check out Algenist and use the code: Tinger20 for 20% off this month 🙂

immunity-boosting low carb meringue recipe

Immunity-boosting low carb meringues

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Holiday Side Dish: Cheesy Cauliflower Mash

*Post sponsored by Real California Milk, but recipe and opinions are my own.

December is a fun time with lots of holiday celebrations. If you are hosting a festive dinner, try this easy side dish recipe that tastes rich, cheesy and decadent, but is also low carb. Yes, that is possible. Trust me. It’s my creamy cauliflower mash made with Real California cheese, butter, rosemary, thyme, and garlic. I promise you, even kids who don’t like veggies will be asking for more. Check out the recipe below:




1 small head of cauliflower (cut into 1-inch pieces)1 cup of grated Real California Oaxaca cheese (mozzarella also works)
1 cup of grated Real California asiago and dry jack
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp fresh rosemary (minced)
1/4 tsp thyme
2 tbsp Real California butter


1.Boil the cauliflower florets until you can cut through it like soft butter; this takes about 20-30 min
2. Remove the water from the pot so your mash won’t be too watery
3. Carefully transfer the cauliflower into a food processor and blend until smooth (you can also use a potato masher as well for a chunkier texture)
4. Return the cauliflower mash into the pot on very low heat
5. Slowly blend in the grated cheeses and spices


Hope you enjoy this keto-friendly and delicious cauliflower mash that pairs well with your roasted chicken dish or steak! To find dairy products with the Real California Milk seal, use this product locator to find a store near you. Click HERE for the link.

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Savory Post-Thanksgiving Breadless Sandwich (Low Carb)

So you know that feeling of eating too much during the holidays but not wanting to throw out the delicious leftovers? Yes, I’ve been guilty of that too. But this year, I wanted to share a recipe that can include that delicious turkey from last night into a more waistline friendly meal. This is what I call my Post Thanksgiving Sandwich. Think of a typical sandwich minus the carb loaded breads. Instead, I substitute bread slices with tofu slices. And bonus… these sliced tofu keeps the sandwich together as well as absorbs all the flavors from the ingredients.

Would you give this a try? Comment below to let me know 🙂

**The recipe below is my own and partnered with House Foods with this sponsorship

*Serving size 2

  • 16 oz of House Foods Extra Firm Tofu (sliced into 4 pieces about 4 oz each)
  • 8-10 pieces of butter lettuce
  • 4 slices of vine ripen tomatoes (sliced 1/4″ – 1/2″ thick)
  • 4 slices of turkey from leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner (6 oz)
  • 4 slices of spicy pepper jack cheese (4 oz)
  • 1 tbsp of salted butter
  • 2 tbsp of Fig (cranberry) jam


  • Slice the House Foods Tofu so it resembles 4 slices of bread
  • Pat tofu slices completely dry with a paper towel; this process is important since it will help make the slices more crispy like toasted bread.
  • Set large non-stick sauté pan on medium heat. Then melt the small sliver of butter or spritz a bit of cooking spray before carefully placing the tofu slices on the pan. Cook for about 10-15 min on each side or until you see that it’s a golden brown color; you can also add a pinch of salt to the tofu slices as an option. Set aside on a paper napkin when done.
  • To stack the sandwich, start with one slice of cooked tofu, add 2-3 pieces of lettuce, 2 slices of tomatoes, 2 slices of the spicy pepper jack cheese, and 2-3 oz of sliced turkey. Top of the sandwich with one more tofu “bread” slice; add 1 tbsp of fig (cranberry) jam on the top tofu slice (optional). Repeat directions to make the second sandwich and serve.


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Where To Eat Savory Low Carb Moroccan Cuisine in Los Angeles

Hungry? Craving for something savory and flavorful to eat?

Ever since my visit to Morocco a few year back, I’ve been craving and looking for an authentic Moroccan restaurant in LA. Many restaurants here have a few Moroccan inspired dishes but don’t actually specialize in this type of cuisine; you’ll typically see one or two Moroccan style dishes in a mediterranean restaurant. But honestly, I wanted to eat something that reminded me of my days in Morocco.

mezze plates

Back when I visited Marrakesh, circa 2010, I loved eating this country’s traditional cuisine called lamb tagine (hearty stew like cuisine cooked in a clay pot); the lamb was simmered in a stew with dates, cumin, paprika, almonds, ginger, cinnamon, olive oil, etc in a clay pot.  I also enjoyed eating all the various mezze plates (think Moroccan version of Spanish tapas).

lamb and date tagine

Fast forward to 2016, I meet a LA local chef that specializes in authentic Moroccan cuisine; his name is Ben Benameur, owner of Tagine Beverly Hills. He shares with me stories of how he grew up watching and cooking with his grandmother, who inspired him to pursue the career he has today. And what caught my attention about his cooking is that he offers low carb dishes that carry the essence of the Moroccan flavors. Therefore, his cuisine reminded me of the traditional Moroccan dishes, while maintaining the low carb lifestyle that I’ve been living.  Can you guess what Chef Ben whipped up for me?

CLICK HERE to watch the short video clip.

Where To Eat Savory Low Carb Moroccan Cuisine in Los Angeles2020-09-04T12:34:21-07:00

7 Healthy Eating Tips for the Concession Stand

So you’re at a sporting event watching the LA Lakers, NY Yankees, Real Madrid Soccer Squad, etc. , The minute you walk into the arena, you can smell the burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, and pizza wafting through the air. Recently, I was a spectator at the Special Olympics in Los Angeles and thought what healthy foods can I eat here? The temptation to eat poorly can be overwhelming unless you can mentally prepare yourself. So here are my quick helpful tips:

1. Order a burger wrapped in lettuce to reduce the carb in-take

2. Order grilled chicken instead of fried chicken to reduce carbs from the flour crust.

3. Order a salad with dressing on the side or squeeze lemon wedges as the dressing to reduce the amount of sugary dressings they pour on the salads.

4. Order a light beer to reduce calories and carbs than normal full bodied beer.

5. Better yet… drink water or order unsweetened iced tea.

6. Order a bag of plain peanuts instead of candy; the protein will keep you feeling fuller longer and has way less sugar.

7. If you must eat less than healthy… split your food with a friend. This way, you can enjoy the flavor of the food without going overboard on calories.

Let me know how helpful these tips are by commenting in the comments section below.

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