Mac ‘n Cheese…. one of the typical comfort foods eaten by virtually all Americans.  I feel like people love this stuff because they love cheese and pasta. And the marriage between the two can be quite heavenly.

However, you typically end up feeling as if you need a 2 hour power nap afterwards. This is the part that is not so appealing to me (and probably most other people).  So I decided to whip up a low carb version of this classic American favorite. The healthy twist is to use the macaroni style shirataki noodles instead of the standard flour macaroni noodles; this switch will reduce your recipe by 200 calories per cup. And you can order these noodles from Amazon or find them at your local grocery stores or Asian super markets by the tofu in the refrigerated foods section. Click HERE for the full recipe and please comment below on what cheese you love using on your version of Mac ‘n Cheese!