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Yes… It’s Taco Tuesday again!

What do you think of when you’re craving tacos? I think of the savory flavors of the meat and the crunchiness of the taco shell. All good stuff. But then, I think about how full and heavy I am going to feel afterwards, especially when you wash those down with a few cervezas (beers).

So my first thoughts were…

1. How can I make a healthier taco that has lots of flavor?

2. How can I keep the crunchiness that I love?

Answers… use taco meat spiced with hot sauce, salsa, or whatever makes you mouth water. And then wrap it with romaine or butter lettuce as the “taco shell” and add in lots of red or green cabbage. Bammmm…. you get the yummy tacos like the ones you see in the pics. It’s a great way to fell full, but not heavy and sleepy afterwards. Click HERE for the recipe link that you can try!

Would you try this healthier version of my Mexican Fish Tacos? Just comment below and let me know what you think 🙂

Yes… It’s Taco Tuesday again!2018-06-25T22:21:22-07:00

What else can I make with the cauliflower tortilla?

Apparently, you can make a guiltless low carb cheese quesadilla? Yes… that’s right… a tasty one as well.

Hopefully after reading that last post, you’ve all mastered the art of making the perfect cauliflower tortilla. If not, click on this LINK for the recipe. And if you have…. now you’re ready to make this easy and affordable quesadilla. Basic ingredients are grated cauliflower, egg whites, and low-fat cheese. By replacing one cup of flour for grated cauliflower, you’re reducing your caloric in-take by ~400 calories! For me, I’d rather use those calories for a churro or some other Mexican dessert.

Wanna try this guiltless recipe? Click HERE and let me know what you think of this recipe in the comments below.

What else can I make with the cauliflower tortilla?2018-06-25T22:21:31-07:00

I heart Cauliflower Tortillas

While I was sunbathing in the white sandy beaches of Tulum, Mexico during my most recent trip, my first thought was “I can’t wait to eat some delicious tacos” with my skinny margarita. I love them all… steak, chicken, al pastor, fish, etc. And then I thought about how full and bloated I would feel later if I kept eating all of these tortillas. So I created a recipe that would reduce calories, carbs and increase protein… which I call the “cauliflower tortilla.” It’s made up of grated cauliflower, eggs, and low fat cheese; Click HERE for the recipe. Not only is this recipe low in calories and carbs, but taco shell soaks up all the juicy meat flavors just like a corn tortilla!

Oooooo….. who wants a bite?

I heart Cauliflower Tortillas2018-06-25T22:22:13-07:00
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