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Decadent Low Carb Mac ‘n Cheese… Get into my belly!

Mac ‘n Cheese…. one of the typical comfort foods eaten by virtually all Americans.  I feel like people love this stuff because they love cheese and pasta. And the marriage between the two can be quite heavenly.

However, you typically end up feeling as if you need a 2 hour power nap afterwards. This is the part that is not so appealing to me (and probably most other people).  So I decided to whip up a low carb version of this classic American favorite. The healthy twist is to use the macaroni style shirataki noodles instead of the standard flour macaroni noodles; this switch will reduce your recipe by 200 calories per cup. And you can order these noodles from Amazon or find them at your local grocery stores or Asian super markets by the tofu in the refrigerated foods section. Click HERE for the full recipe and please comment below on what cheese you love using on your version of Mac ‘n Cheese!

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Quick Tip for Low Carb Fried Rice

Rice is one of the most commonly used foods in the world. Aside from my mom’s version, some of the tastiest fried rice dishes I have ever had came from restaurants in Hong Kong and Thailand.

Now being more healthy conscience, I realize that eating too much rice isn’t so awesome for the waistline. So I recreated a tasty low carb version of Chinese Fried Rice; this recipe consists of all the same ingredients as a traditional fried rice dish, except that I replace the fried rice with grated cauliflower. When you replace the rice with cauliflower, you’ll reduce your calories by 200 calories a cup! Amazing, right? Click HERE for the recipe and comment below on what veggies you’d add to your Chinese Fried Rice dish.

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Does healthy pizza exist?

Yes… yes… it does!

When I was in Italy last summer, I ate my heart out. I had gnocchi, risotto and ravioli. But the one thing I missed the most was a proper Italian pizza drizzled with a healthy serving of olive oil. Because of my love of pizza and love of wanting to eat healthier, I created a version called Cauliflower Pizza. It’s has three basic ingredients in the pizza dough: grated cauliflower, egg whites and cheese. Just slather on the topping of your choice and then you will be in pizza heaven! By replacing white flour with grated cauliflower, you’ll reduce this traditional pizza recipe by 400 calories per cup! Want to try this at home too? Click HERE for the recipe and let me know what you think about the pizza in the comments below.

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Healthier twist to an all American sandwich

When you think of a classic all American sandwich, what do you think of? PBJ (Peanut Butter & Jelly), bologna and cheese, or tuna melt? Yes… all tasty but not always so healthy for you.

As a bread/carbs lover, I’m always looking for tasty, yet health substitutes. So I came up with a cool twist…. grilling slices of extra firm tofu to mimic the hearty slices of toasted bread. It’s super easy to make, just click HERE for the recipe. You’ll shave off about 12grams of carbs per slice. And add in your mayo or mustard to some extra flavor. Enjoy and let me know what you think of this sandwich in the comments section below.


* Info from www.fatsecret.com

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What’s your favorite Sushi Roll?

One of my favorite aspects about traveling is eating! I swear I travel to places for food… like Italy, Taiwan, Brazil, etc. The one food mecca I haven’t been to yet is Japan. It’s def on my bucket list so I can devour all of my favorites like Toro, Yellow Tail, Uni, and Octopus.

For now, I’ve recreated some low carb versions of a couple sushi rolls that I also love.  Click HERE for the Spicy Tuna Cucumber Roll recipe and click HERE for the Salmon and Cream Cheese Philly Style Cucumber Roll recipe

Which one would you eat first? Please comment below and let me know 🙂

What’s your favorite Sushi Roll?2018-06-25T22:21:07-07:00
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