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Easy Rosemary & Garlic Cheese Keto Chips Recipe

* Post sponsored by Real California Milk, but recipe and opinions are my own.

Do you love savory and crunchy snacks as much as I do? There’s something about munching on salty potato chips that just bring back happy childhood memories. However, my metabolism isn’t as fast as it was when I was a kid.

After losing twenty pounds via a low carb lifestyle, I’m more conscious of what I put into my body; my mentality about portion control and eating lower carb foods have helped me to maintain my weight-loss, have a steady energy level, and reduce stomach bloat. But I still have cravings for junk foods like chips. Through my partnership with Real California Milk, I discovered that I could create my own healthier keto-friendly snacks baking with asiago, dry jack, or romano cheeses to make crunchy crisps. The flavors and textures of these cheeses are similar to parmesan. However, I recommend baking with these cheeses because they come from California dairies, which 99% are family run establishments; I have to give my state lots of love and support. Here’s my recipe for my Rosemary and Garlic Asiago Cheese Chips:

3/4 cup of shredded or crumbled Real California Milk asiago cheese (* optional romano or dry jack)

2 tbsp of minced fresh rosemary

2 tbsp of garlic powder

12”x17” non-stick baking sheet (or parchment paper)


  1. Preheat oven to 300F
  2. Evenly mix the Real California cheese, rosemary, and garlic powder
  3. Place 1 tbsp of the cheese mixture on a non-stick baking tray about 2” apart from each other; flatten each pile so it will bake and crisp evenly. If you use parchment paper, be sure to generously spray it with a cooking oil to prevent them from sticking to the paper.
  4. Bake 6-8 min until it’s golden brown
  5. Carefully remove the tray from the oven and let the chips cool (10 min) on the baking sheet.


And if you have a slight sweet-tooth, I also recommended mixing cranberries to the mix. If you’re curious about where to find these Real California cheeses, click HERE for a product locator.


Do these chips make you hungry enough to try this easy recipe? Let me know in the comments.

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Savory Post-Thanksgiving Breadless Sandwich (Low Carb)

So you know that feeling of eating too much during the holidays but not wanting to throw out the delicious leftovers? Yes, I’ve been guilty of that too. But this year, I wanted to share a recipe that can include that delicious turkey from last night into a more waistline friendly meal. This is what I call my Post Thanksgiving Sandwich. Think of a typical sandwich minus the carb loaded breads. Instead, I substitute bread slices with tofu slices. And bonus… these sliced tofu keeps the sandwich together as well as absorbs all the flavors from the ingredients.

Would you give this a try? Comment below to let me know 🙂

**The recipe below is my own and partnered with House Foods with this sponsorship

*Serving size 2

  • 16 oz of House Foods Extra Firm Tofu (sliced into 4 pieces about 4 oz each)
  • 8-10 pieces of butter lettuce
  • 4 slices of vine ripen tomatoes (sliced 1/4″ – 1/2″ thick)
  • 4 slices of turkey from leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner (6 oz)
  • 4 slices of spicy pepper jack cheese (4 oz)
  • 1 tbsp of salted butter
  • 2 tbsp of Fig (cranberry) jam


  • Slice the House Foods Tofu so it resembles 4 slices of bread
  • Pat tofu slices completely dry with a paper towel; this process is important since it will help make the slices more crispy like toasted bread.
  • Set large non-stick sauté pan on medium heat. Then melt the small sliver of butter or spritz a bit of cooking spray before carefully placing the tofu slices on the pan. Cook for about 10-15 min on each side or until you see that it’s a golden brown color; you can also add a pinch of salt to the tofu slices as an option. Set aside on a paper napkin when done.
  • To stack the sandwich, start with one slice of cooked tofu, add 2-3 pieces of lettuce, 2 slices of tomatoes, 2 slices of the spicy pepper jack cheese, and 2-3 oz of sliced turkey. Top of the sandwich with one more tofu “bread” slice; add 1 tbsp of fig (cranberry) jam on the top tofu slice (optional). Repeat directions to make the second sandwich and serve.


Savory Post-Thanksgiving Breadless Sandwich (Low Carb)2020-09-04T12:34:21-07:00

Skip the Hot Sauce and try this Spicy Mexican Tortilla instead

[Post Sponsored by La Tortilla Factory. All of the opinions and recipe are my own]

Don’t you hate it when you want spicy Mexican food but you’ve run out of hot sauce? That’s the worst! Luckily, I’ve recently discovered a tortilla that has a slight fiery kick to it called Non-GMO Hand Made Style Smoky Chipotle by La Tortilla Factory. Not only does it add some heat to my tacos, but these are also these tortillas are tender and thick similar to the authentic ones you would eat in Mexico. Check out my recipe that I started cooking in my recent video parody (Click HERE) for Abuelita Is Unimpressed’s video.

Here’s my recipe below:


  • 3 small bell peppers (red, orange, yellow or green), sliced about 1/3 inches thick
  • 12 pieces of medium size deveined shrimp (unfrozen)
  • 2 tbsp. fajita mix (cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, sea salt, brown sugar, salt, & garlic powder)
  • 1 tsp of olive oil
  • 4 Non-GMO hand made style smoky chipotle tortillas
  • 1/2 cup of guacamole or avocado to add a creamy texture


  • Place sliced bell peppers into a medium heated non-stick pan (adding oil is optional). Cook until the bell peppers are tender and slightly browned, which will be about 8-14 min.
  • Mix the fajita mix and olive oil with the shrimp until evenly coated
  • Sauté the shrimp on a low heated non-stick pan (adding oil to the pan is optional) and cook throughly for about 5-8 min.
  • Heat up the smoky chipotle tortillas on a non-stick pan or comal for about 1 min on each side on medium heat (Optional).
  • Place bell peppers and shrimp on each tortilla, add guacamole for taste (Optional).


Skip the Hot Sauce and try this Spicy Mexican Tortilla instead2020-09-04T12:34:21-07:00

Matcha… trendy hot flavor that will keep you cool!

The weather is starting to heat up in Los Angeles, and I love it! As a kid, one of my favorite snacks to eat on a hot summer’s day was a popsicle. Now that I’m “adulting,” I’ve decided to create my own creamy matcha flavor popsicle packed with blended banana and 1% low fat milk so I can have a pick me up with some vitamins and a bit of protein. Check out the easy recipe below.

Also, want a chance to create this popsicle for free? GotMilk? is now offering a contest to win a $100 GROCERY GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY every Wednesday this month. Click HERE for the rules!

**The recipe below is my own and partnered with GotMilk? with this sponsorship


  • 2 cups of Lactose 1% Fat Milk
  • 2 tsp of Matcha powder
  • 1/2 tbsp. of guar gum (thickener)
  • 1 cup of ripened bananas (1.5 – 2 small banana)
  • 3 packets of stevia (optional)


  • Place all ingredients into a blender, except the guar gum
  • Slowly mix it the guar gum a few sprinkles at a time while blending in between. This will reduce the chances of the guar gum (which thickens like a corn starch) from clumping. The guar gum will help make the popsicle more creamy.
  • Pour the mixture into the 6 popsicle containers
  • Place the popsicle tray into the freezer for 6-8 hours
  • Once frozen, run it under hot water for 20 sec before pulling the popsicle out of the plastic cover to keep the shape of your delicious frozen snack.


Matcha… trendy hot flavor that will keep you cool!2020-09-04T12:34:21-07:00

5 Refreshing Ways to Drink Water

Sometimes drinking plain water can be so boring. So here are the top 5 ways to make it more refreshing as if I’m on vacation minus the alcohol part:

1.  Add Lemon Slices – these will last in a water jug for a few days

2.  Add Orange Slices – same deal as the lemon slices

3.  Add Mint – 2 days max and then they start to welt

4.  Add Cucumbers – 1 to 2 days max and then it’s no bueno

5.  Add Blueberries – these will last for a few days. Most other berries disintegrate after a day.

My favorite is mixing lemon slices and mint together or orange slices and blue berries. It makes me feel like I am drinking something tropical while I’m at work.

What’s your favorite item to add in water?

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