Dash of Ting is my dash of advice for food and travel for my health-conscious community that is looking for delicious regional cuisines and unique adventures.

About me: I has been a lifelong foodie and have traveled to over 25 countries & 5 continents within the past 10 years. After my own weight-loss of 20 lbs., I started the blog to help others create culturally diverse meals at home or to discover restaurants with healthy cuisines domestically and abroad. (Think Anthony Bourdain meets Jamie Oliver) As the momentum of my passion to help gained popularity, I’ve been featured in travel and food media giants such as BuzzfeedTastemadeMatador Network, and Thrillist.

Not only do I have experience in content creation, but I also have 11 years of digital advertising experience as well (LinkedIn). With the pairing of these two backgrounds, I also negotiate collaborations between brand safe influencers with food, travel, and wellness brands.

Would love to connect with more new friends! Please feel free to reach out to me any time via dm on Instagram or tinger@dashofting.com.

Always sending my love and positive vibes!

~ Tinger